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Most people think that Home Science is confined to mastering household activities, but the fact is that the field of home science has advanced considerably since its origin. Today, Home Science is a vibrant field of study that covers home economics as well as other aspects such as sociology, psychology, community living, nutrition, and textiles.

Home Science education deals with all aspects of home and family management. It is both an art and science. It’s an ‘art’ because it helps you manage your resources in a skilful manner, and it’s a ‘science’ because it helps you improve your family life by offering you knowledge in the field. To give you a simple example, when you present a dish in an aesthetic manner it becomes an art. When you ensure that the meal offers a balanced nutritive diet, it becomes a science.

Home Science education empowers you with the skills to improve every facet of your home life – food, clothing, health, childcare, personal finance, religion, culture, arts, home beautification, etc. It enables you to take better care of your family, while helping you lead a more enriched life.

At St. Scholastica we try as much as possible to make sure that our students get this this experience in school. We encourage this kind of knowledge and will do more given time.