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ICT is crucial in this day and time. It has therefore taken the center stage of our great institution.

We have great ICT Program lessons packed with games and songs -for the small ones. We make sure that children learn computers in a way that is fun. Our role as teachers is primarily that of a facilitator encouraging active learning. We also make sure that conceptual understanding is mastered before proceeding to the skills.

Kids play educational computer games in order to reinforce learning of the concept/skills covered.

Thanks to Linux 4 Africa! Our ICT Rooms are fully equipped and running on the Ubuntu Operating System (EduBuntu) that has been developed to run for Educational purposes making it way ideal for educational institutions as it is Open Source and has quite a number of educational programs and games.

Because of the Operating Systems in place we try as much as possible to equip our learners with the best training. We offer Computational Thinking and in the long run learn Programming.

As an institution we gathered information that in the 21st Century kids need to learn Programming as it has immense benefits to them: programming helps kids learn how to communicate better, it improves on problem solving skills, it improves on creativity and innovativeness, this are some of the reasons as to why we decided to teach our kids programming.

wish to encourage all to embrace ICT and remember that safety is key as you work and on those devices.