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Our students enjoy a balanced, participative and active boarding life. We strive to maintain a balance between structured routine and a time for relaxation. Thus, we have regular activities that engage our boarders and still have time to read a book, basketball, table tennis or occasionally watch TV.

In addition to being comfortable, our boarding facilities are well equipped with hot showers that make them homely. The dormitories are managed by an experienced matrons who are always available for pastoral issues, supervise hygiene of our pupils and general housekeeping. Should anything arise, the matrons are always on call for the students.

At St Scholastica, one of the qualities that we strive to achieve with our pupils is an overall personality. We aim to give our students every chance to participate and excel in their passions outside the classrooms through the wide range of co-curricular activities. Our belief is that a rounded individual can strongly face the turbulent road of the future. Thus, we place a large degree of emphasis on the students to participate in the co-curricular life of the school.